The Military Geography Project

Raising awarness for Military Geography within the academic community

Welcome to the Military Geography Project

The Military Geography Project is the online home representing work being done on the campus of the University of North Dakota.  Dr. Douglas Munski, Stuart Lawrence, and Daniel Sauerwein have or will soon engage in a directed studies seminar into this specialty field within geography.  The goals of this project are to come to an understanding of Military Geography as it relates to both History and Geography, create a working bibliography of sources important to the field for use by interested parties in researching and/or creating a course, and creating research posters for presentation at academic conferences.

To that end, this site is created to make our findings available to the world outside of campus, including online sources that were used, update interested parties on progress, and solicit information concerning sources and other research materials from persons knowledgeable in the field.  If you have information pertaining to the field, or are willing to help out the project in any way, please email us.


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