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The end of the semester, but not of this site

The semester has come to the end, but that does not mean that this project will end. I will consult with Dr. Munski to gauge interest from the Military Geography Specialty Group of the AAG for helping me with this site and possibly taking a major role in it. The bibliography will continue when I have time between writing my thesis. It has been an awesome semester and I hope to turn this project into something big. Updates will not be as regular, but I will keep up with this as best as possible. It has been a great pleasure to update you on the progress of this work.

Work still progressing on poster

We did not meet this week, but both Tim and I are at various stages of poster development. Tim is starting development on his and I am fairly close to finishing mine. While the semester is coming to an end, as is this course, I hope to continue to work on this site and continue exploring military geography with the goal of building the bibliography into something worthwhile. The updates may become less frequent, but the work hopefully will continue. Look for the posters on this site in the near future. We will also be meeting this coming week and I will update you on that week as well.

A wonderful one on one meeting

Unfortunately, Tim was ill on Tuesday, so Dr. Munski and I met together and I presented him with some of my design ideas for my research poster focusing on military geography in the Civil War. He really liked my ideas and we agreed on one of the designs that we both thought was the best one (I will post it when it is done, but you will have to wait until then). He feels that I am making great progress and I will continue working on the poster, mainly working on written content and citations for the images in the poster. We will not be meeting this week, but I will try and post an update on something, as I either hope to have the poster mostly complete, or have more work on the bibliography complete. Keep watching for updates.

Better late than never

My apologies for the lateness of this update, but I would rather let you know what has happened this last week than skip it. Our meeting went well last Tuesday, as I brought in some works that I have included in the bibliography, as well as showed Tim and Dr. Munski the update on the bibliography. Progress is being made on the research posters and I have several ideas in terms of design for my poster. We will be meeting again in several hours and will let you know what occurs.

Interesting finds in the hunt for sources

While meeting this week, Tim introduced his copy of the manual on Missions Other Than Wars (MOTW), which will factor into our project. I stumbled across a website dealing with military geography and the Civil War, which may go a long way in helping shape the bibliographic project. The website is through the Civil War Center at Louisiana State University and is called “Geography and the Civil War”. In addition to that find, I have added a link on our links page to a publication on military geography called Military Geography: For Professionals and the Public. The Google Group is slowly growing, with the addition of Dr. Hupy and I hope many more will join it. Finally, our site has cracked 100 hits, so thank you for your visits and we hope you will spread the word about this site and our work. Until next time, have a great week.

Moving along

Well, we certainly made up for not meeting last week. I have been in contact with COL Eugene Palka, US Army, who is the department head for the Geography and Environmental Engineering Dept. at West Point, and author of a new book on the subject, as well as Dr. Joseph Hupy, current president of the Military Geography Specialty Group of the AAG. Both men have been very helpful and are excited about this project. They sent me several items, including papers, syllabi, and newsletters, to give us a feel for where the field is at the moment. These items will also aid us in gathering relevant sources for the bibliography, which is still under construction. Well, that is all for this week. I hope to update you again either later this week, or at our next meeting.

Google Group created

We did not meet this week, but that does not mean that nothing was done. I have created a Google Group called The Military Geography Society, with the goal to link scholars, military professionals, and others interested in military geography to both raise awareness for the field, as well as aid the three of us in our work. If you are interested, check out the group, join up, and spread the word. See you next week, if not sooner.

Ideas for the future

Well, even though we started a bit late (you are forgiven Dr. Munski, it happens), we accomplished much today. We discussed the issue of limitations on our possible requests to the library and decided that in order to have the best possible results we will need to prioritize the sources we uncover, so that we can present the library with a possible list of important, must have, works. In addition, we examined the idea of working with the Alumni Association and Development officers to look into the possibility of getting alumni, or friend of the university, assistance on this project, with the goal being a possible Military History/Geography collection named after the person(s) that would help us. We also looked at a possible filmography on the subject. We will not be meeting next week, but I will try to post an update next week. Have a great week.

A busy meeting this week

This week’s meeting was very productive, as I showed Dr. Munski and Tim the power of the site and the recent changes I made to the Bibliography page. They offered helpful suggestions to it and I made the changes. In addition, Tim shared with us his idea for his poster, which will focus on the concept of Missions Other Than Wars (MOTWs) as they relate to the Air Force, specifically the recent Air Force mission evacuating Americans from Lebanon during the Summer War between Lebanon and Israel last year. I will continue working on the site and hopefully we will hear something from publishers and others concerning acquisition of sources. Again, as always, if you can help in anyway, please email us.

A slow week

This past week was slow and not much was done, but I have shown Dr. Munski the power of the blog as an academic tool and he is slowly coming on board. Hopefully, with him on board, this site will expand rapidly, as the three of us put our collective efforts behind it.